Foton Pharming from FRO

NGC 3372 in Carina

Image Info

Imaged 20130414 with31.5cm f/5 Newtonian Reflector and GSTAR-EX video camera
12 sector mosaic (3w x 4h)

Planned with Asimoplan, each field is 100 video frames no filter (luminance channel)

Colour info is lo-res, wide field print taken in May 1990 on Hypered Kodak Gold 1600 film.
 See here for blending colour channel method 

Object Info

Emission nebula complex around giant star Eta Carina.

Star cluster near top is Trumpler 15

Star cluster near centre is Trumpler 14

the Homunculus Nebula

Imaged on 20110505
31.5 cm f/10 (2x Barlow lens) Newtonian Reflector

GSTAR-EX video camera
200 video frames no filter blend of 3 exposure levels
(luminance channel)

Colour channel 100 video frames of each
Red, Green and Blue GSTAR filters

Object Info

A bi-polar emission nebula surrounding the star Eta Carina.

HST image scaled to match