Foton Pharming from FRO

IC 2944 and Lambda Centauri

Image Info

Imaged 20130603 with 31.5cm f/5 Newtonian Reflector and GSTAR-EX video camera
20 sector mosaic (4w x 5h) Planned with Asimoplan
100 video frames each sector with no filter
(luminance channel)

Colour info is lo-res, wide field print taken in 1990 on Hypered Konica 3200 film.
See here for blending colour channel method

Object Info

Star Cluster and Emission nebula complex near Lambda Centauri.

Cluster listed as IC 2944.

Thackeray's Globules

Cropped from the centre of image above and shown at original scale as imaged with 31cm f/5 reflector.

These are dark dust motes that are being eroded away by the nearby hot and luminous stars. The cluster of stars are known as the Centaurus OB 2 association and contains one of the richest groups of luminous O and B stars in the southern sky (info from ESO's Exploring the Southern Sky).