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If you ever needed a book to help you explore the wonderful night skies from down under, be it Australia, South America, South Africa or New Zealand, this is it!. With hundreds of full colour star charts and maps of the Moon and planets of our Solar System, this book will ensure you get the most out of a pair of binoculars or a small telescope from suburban and dark country sky locations.


Steve Massey is one of Australia's most prolific popular authors on astronomy including books published overseas and five other titles here in Australia.

Steve Quirk is a renowned veteran of astrophotography and holds a deep interest in those objects rarely photographed by others yet also quite accessible to the average observer.

Each edition has a foreword by Dr. Fred Watson AM of the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAT).


Beautifully illustrated with many tips and advice on how to both understand, observe and even photograph the night sky, including the stars, galaxies, nebulae, Sun, Moon, asteroids, comets and planets from the back yard, this book is your essential guide and reference to the celestial wonders of the Southern Night Sky.

All illustrations and star maps are produced by the authors. Lunar, planetary and deep sky images all taken by the authors, with the exception of contributions by other southern hemisphere amateur astronomers.

Information on common telescope designs and tips for observing the night sky.


Information on cameras for astro-photography and tips on image processing.


 First Edition Reviews, Testimonials and Media Coverage

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