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After making the big 1/60 scale Saturn V and Space Shuttle for my friends, I got back into expanded my own 1/72 scale collection.

My collection started off in 2014 with a plastic kit from Dragon Models of the Saturn V (at 1/72 scale is 5 feet tall), then the Apollo 17 diorama and Apollo-Soyuz mission.

All the others I've made using 3D printed parts, some scratch built parts and various sized PVC pipes (for the straight tubes).

In December 2019 I moved all the models into a new display area and also added more new ones.

As of 2nd April 2020, Left to Right:
V-2 in White Sands test colours, Vostok, Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, Gemini Titan, Soyuz, Saturn 1B, Saturn V, N-1, Space Shuttle, Buran-Energia, Long March CZ-F2, Blue Origin New Shepard, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Tesla and Starman, Atlas V and Boeing Starliner, Blue Origin New Glenn, SLS, Big Falcon Rocket.

Up high and hanging from roof : X-15, ISS, Apollo-Soyuz, HST, Skylab, MIR (see below), Orion capsule and JWST.

Many of the models are finished nicely with custom sticker sets made by our local print shop - Image Signs in Mudgee.

Brass plaques made by Mr. Dykes Trophies.

On 21st December 2019 I added the International Space Station (ISS). Model is 1 x 1.5 metres.

21st January 2020 added MIR Space Station.

Another project started in July 2018 was instigated after building a new case for my sci-fi DVD collection, I envisaged a couple of small sci-fi models would have looked good along the top.

Well, it very quickly snowballed into a large collection of models from many different sci-fi genres.
They are at various scales, basically sized to fit on the shelf. There are now 120 ships, robots and weapons.

Most of these 3D printable files were freely available from Thingiverse but several I have created using 123D Design. 

The next project I set out on started in September 2018, was famous telescopes.

Surprisingly, I could only find 2 printable files... the 200" Hale telescope and Sofia... a telescope in a 747 Jumbo Jet. I resized these to 1/144 scale which printed quite well. I then started designing from scratch, a model of the Anglo-Australian Telescope which is located on Siding Spring Mountain in NSW and it turned out quite well too.

Then it got crazy. The theme was "Significant telescopes from the past to the future" and I designed reasonably good likenesses of 19 other telescopes all at the same scale. So at 1/144 scale, 1 meter = 6.94 mm.

Researching the designs for these scopes was very interesting indeed.

The "real" large new telescopes currently under construction are just crazy big.

Along the journey I have also printed several interesting shapes,

and some famous busts.

My latest project completed in May 2020 is asteroids and comets visited by spacecraft... and the spacecraft.