Foton Pharming from FRO

G'day, my name is Steve Quirk, this website is presented to feature how I go about imaging astronomical objects observed in the night sky from the southern hemisphere.

For harvesting photons of light from the distant cosmos, I use the sensitive low-light GSTAR-EX Deep-Sky Video Camera as a versatile and reasonably priced alternative to DSLR or more expensive dedicated astronomical CCD cameras.

There's a bit about me, Frog Rock Observatory, image processing techniques, a meteor detection system, some personal gripes and info on a couple of books I've co-authored with Steve Massey.

The content on this website is what it is ...  it is what I share with you ...

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I'm not interested in what everyone else had for breakfast !

Yes, I suffer from Visiobibliophobia

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"Authority can lie but nature does not" -  R.P.Feynman

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